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WordPress dumped

Whether I use ADSL or Dial-up, it’s just as painfully slow, and the picture management features bug me endlessly. Mr or Mrs WordPress: If you read this and decide to improve it, let me know. I like your advertised features, but the basics flatten any hype I might’ve had. If you want free hosting, wordpress is not the place.

Catch my current blog at


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Blog dealings

Dad complained (as all dad’s should!) that our blog is too infrequently updated. If you were feeling the same, here is the reason:

1.’s blogging hosting is very lethargic. It is frustrating trying to work with it. I have written articles proabably 4 times that have been lost due to this.

2. This past month, as I had forewarned, was very busy. Thankfully, that is coming to an end but it has been no easy ride. I will post the detail, promise!

So why is there an entry today? Because it’s my birthday! Yip, the big THREE-ZERO.

Hey, at least post a reply and send me wishes!

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A Special Surprise!

3 LadiesIt was my birthday on Wednesday and Malcolm had told me that he was taking the day off sothat we could spend the whole day together as a family. What more could I ask for!

 I woke up to my Mom phoning with birthday wishes, followed by tea in bed, with the three most special people in the worls singing Happy birthday to me.

Mummies girls   

                                    Then I opened presents and was awefully spoilt!!! Malcolm then briefed me on the days plans and told me to get dressed quickly. As I exited my room, ready for the day we heard a hooter at the gate, “WHO could it be???”

SURPRISE!!! My Mom and Oma had come up from JHB to visit! I would never have guessed! (I don’t know how Malcolm had managed to keep it a secret from me) It was so special to have them with us for the day, especially because Oma hasn’t seen our home here in Polokwane yet.

Mamma & Oma: Thank you so much for making my birthday so very special! It really meant a lot to me.

They too spoilt me with Pressies, and the girls were not forgotten!

Thank you Tante Joke for your special gifts to the girls!

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Our New Veggie Patch

Veggie patchFor quite some time now (about a year) I’ve been wanting to try to grow our own vegtables in a small patch in our garden, but obviously just not gotten around to it.

 Well 2 weeks ago the bug bit me and I finally got started. This is a photo of stage one: Dig up the Lawn, loosen the soil, pull grass roots and lay out stepping stones. Easier said than done, but thanks to Sammy, this is one days progress.

The outside border is going to become home to Sweetcorn, Cherry tomatoes, Green Peppers, Spinach, Green beans, Carrots, Peas and Strawberries. And within the stepping stones I’ll plant yummy herbs! Oh, and the pots are for Lavendar bushes and Lemon trees! I’ll keep you posted as we get growing!

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D is for Danica


As usual the girls had lots of fun today playing with play dough. Danica surprised me though when she said “Look Mommy, I wrote my name!”. Quite impressive I think!

As you can see, although Lila’s not writing her name she’s just as busy (and serious!).

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This month has to be the most hectic one this year. But it is exciting because we’re holding our holiday club: Mission:Miracle Maker. The theme is space/time travel, and the kids are going on a mission, sent by King Snorg of Snonge to discover who this miracle maker is on Planet Earth.

We have been hard at work practicing skits, activities, doing admin and props. There is only 1 week left, and a this stage we’re still not sure how ready we’ll be! Please keep this in your prayers, that there will be many kids, a smooth and delightful time, and the True Word preached faithfully.

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